I Ching cards : an easy way to I Ching divination

Jack 發表於

Because of the Covid-19, the card desk is not available now, sorry.

This deck of I-Ching cards is designed to make learning I Ching and the Chinese fortune-telling  easy and fun having. 

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It is an artwork by Ryoka, a young artist in Tainan, Taiwan .  

Jack, the founder of eee-Learning.com website  had  a master degree in Philosophy from Tunghai Universiy. He  has been studying  I-Ching since 1990. Ryoka is a young artist who has majored in visual communication design during her study and is currently working  as a fine art designer. When Ryoka just got graduated from college  in June 2010 Jack met her. They began the design work of this deck. Jack told Ryoka the meaning of each hexagram,  and Ryoka visualized the principle or allusion to present the hidden meanings. After 3 years of hard working, they launched the card desk first time in May 2013. 

April 2015 eee-Learning.com re-designed the package, and launched the all new Edition version in May 2016.

I-Ching (易經) , or Chang of Book is an ancient master piece  that originated in Zou Dynasty. Basically it is a fortune-telling tool book that was evolved from the stalk divination. But it is not just a fortune-telling book, it is also an abundant resource of ancient   philosophy and history. That's why it is the most important text book of Confucianism for thousands of years.

The content of I-Ching is all about the 64 "gua" (卦). Each gua  has 6 lines, so we call a "gua" as  "hexagram" in English. Each line we call it "yau"(爻), it could be "-" or "- -" . "-" symbols yang(陽) means positive, maskulin, dynamic and "- -" is yin(陰) means negative, ferminine, static. The oracle of each hexagram may be interpreted by the relationship of the yin-yang combinations of the 6 lines, or read the predictive text in I-Ching directly. Because the author of I-Ching used fable or legend story to interpret the oracle. We can learn the hexagrams by the ancient stories in the text of I-Ching, in addition reading the yin-yang interactive in the 6 lines.

Each card of this deck is designed to illustrate the story in the text or the yin-yang interaction principle. You can easily  understand what the hexagram says by reading the art picture and divination card.

For example, hexagram 3 means big challenge before your action or initiative. Hexagram 10 is  a story about a man met a tiger on the road , and how will he survive to pass by the beast. Hexagram 34 is a story about an angry goat that was trapped. Hexagram 64 is about a young fox that sought for water in drought and was almost drowned in a pool. 

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When you receive the I Ching cards you get a main desk of 66 cards,  assistant  desk of divination cards , a handbook, and a bag :

← The Bag

This draw-string bag is customized for the card box of this deck.

It is the best fitting to collect these cards. It is very convenient to carry the card with you everywhere.


← The Box/ Card Back

In the center of the card back and box design is a Tai Chi in the universe. And a dragon pattern that symbols human civilization covers the Tai Chi.

This special artwork is from Ryoka. It demonstates the concept that Tai Chi is the heart of the universe and human civilization.


In the Box


The 66-card deck and handbook come in a rugged, stand-up box.

Main Desk of 66-Card →

The size of each card is 12 cm x 7cm . The deck contains 66 cards: 2 of them are "white cards" and the others are hexagram cards.

Each hexagram card had a painting picture. You can read the meaning of the picture or learn the devination via the assistant  32-card. 

  About the 66-card

← Handbook

 It folds out like an accordion,  contains the instructions to apply this deck to foretune-telling .

Also you can learn how to read the meaings of the six lines in a hexagram.



←32-Card for Divination

The size of each card is 13 cm x 8cm. 

There are 32 cards in the box. On the both side of each card is a pair of hexagrams. For example, the first one is for hexagram 1 and hexagram 2, the second is for hexagram 3 and 4....., the last one is hexagram 63 and 64.

 You can learn the detailed interpretation and predictive text of each hexagram by this assistant desk of cards.

Because of the Covid-19, the card desk is not available now, sorry.


Shipping and Delivery

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